Bond Process

In Michigan, when a Judge sets a bond amount, the surety bond or 10% bond may be posted with the help of Wayne County Bail Bonds.

Wayne County Bail Bonds is insuring that the defendant appears at all future court dates until sentencing or they will repay the full bond amount to the court.

The co-signer for the defendant is signing legal documents that insure financial responsibility to Wayne County Bail Bonds for the defendant should they never return to court.

As long as the defendant appears in court for all court dates, no other fees will ever be charged except after the one-time, non-returnable fee that is paid to Wayne County Bail Bonds when the bond is processed.

We help with:

    • Surety bonds
    • 10% bonds
    • Detroit traffic tickets and warrants
    • Criminal bonds
    • Felony bonds
    • Misdemeanor bonds
    • Active warrants* ( Depends on the court they are out of (whether they accept bonds on open warrants)
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